25 May 2018

Rambler Reviews Slip: A World of Adventure for Fate Core

What's that over there, in the shadows? Did you hear something? It's probably nothing...but what if it isn't? Welcome to the world of Slip.

If you've ever wondered what would happen if Supernatural, The X-Files, and Torchwood had a baby, then you might be interested in Slip. Let's dive in and I'll tell you what I think after the break.

11 May 2018

What You're Really Saying When You Say: "My Character Wouldn't Do That."

"My character wouldn't do that."

We've all been at a game table where someone has said this. Maybe you were the game master, or another player, or even that player, but it's happened. And it's one of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself in no matter which of these people you happen to be.

As the game master and other players you are frustrated because this phrase typically grinds the story to a halt, and as the player who uttered the phrase you are frustrated because you're having a difficult time reconciling the story with how you envision your character.

Here is the thing though: when you say "my character wouldn't do that" and then stonewall any further discussion, what you're effectively saying is "I refuse to participate in this story." This, of course, is a problematic stance to take in a game that hinges on collaborative storytelling. So let's take a look why we should avoid doing this and discuss some other things we can do instead.