30 January 2018

A One Page, Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet

Last week I decided to try my hand at creating a character sheet using Photoshop. It was a big leap for me, because my previous character sheet design experience has been limited to creating word processor documents that contained lots and lots of tables. I really enjoyed the freedom from uniformity that Photoshop provided in regards to things like rows and columns, and I'll probably keep using it and learning how to use it even better for any future attempts at custom character sheets.

In addition to learning to design a character sheet with a new program, I also decided early on that I wanted to try my hand at designing a one page character sheet, since all of my previous efforts have been two page character sheets. Another design goal was to make personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws more of a focal point for the character sheet, rather than relegating that information to the back page. Since I feel like these things should play a very important role in the game I wanted to give them a very important place on the character sheet. Overall I am quite pleased with my end result. Even though a few sections are a somewhat more cramped than I would prefer, I believe there is still enough room for all of the information essential to any character sheet and it all fits on the front of a standard printer page, leaving the back of the page for whatever you would like!

Feel free to use this character sheet and share it however you like and with whomever you like, but please give me credit for the design if you decide to share this to your blog or social media account.

One Page Character Sheet

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