20 August 2018

Stop and Smell the Geographically Distinct Coastlines Along The Way

I recently spent a few weeks vacationing and visiting relatives in Nova Scotia. While there, I am always struck by not only the beauty of the coastline, but also how rugged and different it is compared to the tourist beaches that many of us are more familiar with. Then I thought a little about coastlines and other wilderness locations I've used in the various games I have ran over the years, and how, in retrospect, most of those locations have often been generic and stereotypical, because they were based heavily on my own limited experiences and travels. So I thought today that I would talk about the value of stepping outside of one's own experiences when designing wilderness locations, specifically coastal areas, both as a way to offer advice to fellow Dungeon Mastering and as a way to shamelessly share some of the beautiful photos I took while on vacation.