25 June 2018

Some Games I Played and Other Takeaways From Origins 2018

If you pay attention to what's going on in the world of roleplaying games and board games, then you probably know that the Origins Game Fair happened a couple of weeks ago (June 13 thru 17 to be exact). If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know I was in attendance. This was my third time time attending Origins, but only the second time that I've been for the whole convention, and boy did I play a lot of board games. Stay tuned after the break and I'll talk a little bit about what I played and also share some overall impressions and takeaways from Origins 2018.

07 June 2018

This Game is Fun I Swear!

I'm forever apologizing for my board games. 

I'm always saying things like: "I know it looks complicated, but it's really not." or "Trust me, it's really fun once you play a few rounds." I constantly worry that people won't give them a chance if I have to spend more than fifteen minutes explaining them, and I take great care selecting which games I will take to places depending on who will be there. Even though most of the games on my shelf say they could be played by an eight year old, teaching people the rules - and getting people over that hurdle of learning these rules that an eight year old could allegedly grasp - is definitely the biggest barrier to entry into this hobby. I've always thought of this as a recent phenomenon exclusive to modern board games, even the simplest of which are often still more complex than the likes of "traditional" board games like Sorry and Monopoly. That's why I was quite interested when I saw this game on eBay (image after the break):