11 January 2018

Check Out My Monty "Humble Bundle PDF" Haul!

Sometimes you see a deal that's so good, you know you will never forgive yourself if you pass it up. And no, I'm not talking about late night infomercials, but who am I to judge? If your Slap Chop makes you happy then I'm happy for you. What I am talking about though is a Humble Bundle I picked up a few weeks ago that included 24 PDFs from both Frog God Games and Kobold Press, for the insanely low price of $8. Eight dollars! Are you kidding me? I regularly spend more than that on a six pack, so I pretty much had to pull the trigger on such a loaded bundle of RPG books from two well known publishers.
Here is the lot from Kobold Press:

Southlands Heroes for 5th Edition
The Raven's Call for 5th Edition
Midgard Heroes for 5th Edition
Cat & Mouse for 5th Edition
Sanctuary of Belches for 5th Edition
Beyond Damage Dice: New Weapon Options for 5th Edition
Deep Magic: Clockwork (5th Edition)
Deep Magic: Rune Magic (5th Edition)
Deep Magic: Illumination Magic (5th Edition)
Deep Magic: Angelic Wards (5th Edition)
Deep Magic: Battle Magic (5th Edition)

Here is the lot from Frog God Games:

Swords & Wizardry - Swords & Wizardry Light
Quests of Doom Volume 1 (5E)
Quests of Doom Volume 2 (5E)
Quests of Doom 2 (5E)
Quests of Doom 3 (5E)
The Mother of All Encounter Tables (D20)
Rogues in Remballo (5E)
Book of Lost Spells (5E)
Fifth Edition Foes (5E)
Borderland Provinces Players Gazeteer
Borderland Provinces Journey Generator
Borderland Provinces Players Guide
Borderland Provinces (5E)

I've only barely had a chance to crack open this treasure chest and take a peek, but I can already tell you I'm not disappointed. I plan on doing reviews of several (if not all) of the titles listed here, starting with a review of Fifth Edition foes that should be up sometime early next week. There are no plans beyond that, so if there is anything in this list that you are interested in seeing a review of or if there is anything in particular that you recommend I check out let me know in the comments, send an email to RamblingRoleplayer@Gmail.com, or hit me up on Twitter @RPGRambler. I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

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