30 January 2018

A One Page, Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet

Last week I decided to try my hand at creating a character sheet using Photoshop. It was a big leap for me, because my previous character sheet design experience has been limited to creating word processor documents that contained lots and lots of tables. I really enjoyed the freedom from uniformity that Photoshop provided in regards to things like rows and columns, and I'll probably keep using it and learning how to use it even better for any future attempts at custom character sheets.

23 January 2018

Rambler Reviews: Beyond Damage Dice

This week I decided to take a look at Beyond Damage Dice, one of the Kobold Press offerings from my recent Humble Bundle Haul. It's a relatively short, eleven page PDF that provides players and dungeon masters with optional rules for special attacks and maneuvers that can be executed with various weapons. It also introduces some new weapons, including the composite bow and seven weapons designed for the Midgard and Southland campaign settings from Kobold Press.

We'll dive right in after the break and I'll tell you what I think.

19 January 2018

Campaign Weather: Cloudy with a Chance of Evil?

So. You’re all ready to run your shiny new campaign. You’ve spent months drawing maps, stocking dungeons, detailing noble lineages, and naming taverns. You know the name and demeanor of every NPC within a twenty mile radius of your starting town and exactly how many copper pieces the goblins in room 12 of the Caverns of Carnage are carrying in their filthy belt pouches.  You’re at the table and your players are finishing up some last minute equipment purchases when one of them looks at the equipment list and sees “winter blanket.” He looks at you and asks “Will I need one of those?”
Well, will he?

15 January 2018

Rambler Reviews: Fifth Edition Foes

Out of all the supplements in the Humble Bundle that I recently picked up, Fifth Edition Foes caught my eye the most. How could I, an old school role-player, resist this book's promise to update several monsters from sources such as the original Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II so that I can incorporate them into my fifth edition games? Let's take a closer look and see how Fifth Edition Foes delivers on this promise.

11 January 2018

Check Out My Monty "Humble Bundle PDF" Haul!

Sometimes you see a deal that's so good, you know you will never forgive yourself if you pass it up. And no, I'm not talking about late night infomercials, but who am I to judge? If your Slap Chop makes you happy then I'm happy for you. What I am talking about though is a Humble Bundle I picked up a few weeks ago that included 24 PDFs from both Frog God Games and Kobold Press, for the insanely low price of $8. Eight dollars! Are you kidding me? I regularly spend more than that on a six pack, so I pretty much had to pull the trigger on such a loaded bundle of RPG books from two well known publishers.

09 January 2018

Out With The New and in With The Old

As a board game collector, I love to get new games. There is something great about opening a box for the first time, seeing all of those new components, and smelling that new cardboard smell. Preparing and organizing new components and reading new rules is all an enjoyable part of the experience for me.

But of course the real prize is actually playing the game, which is why I'm discouraged by a recent trend in my board gaming tendencies. At the beginning of last year, I challenged myself to play ten games ten times each. I failed spectacularly. I managed to play one game, Istanbul, eight times, and that was the most plays of any game on my list. I managed to play Carcassonne zero times, with most other games on the list garnering between one and four plays each. I also played a few games that weren't on my list, and often felt guilty when I did because I wasn't making any progress towards completing the challenge. Some of those were newer games that I purchased after Istanbul that I wanted to try.

05 January 2018

Rambler Reviews: The Claws of Madness, an Adventure for D&D 5e

Claws of Madness, is billed as "a standalone 5th edition adventure carefully designed for a group of 1st level heroes" and is available here. I'm going to be pretty vague in my discussion regarding the specifics of the adventure so as not to spoil anything for potential players and dungeon masters, but hopefully you'll end up with a good idea of what to expect if you pick up a copy of the adventure.

02 January 2018

A New Year, a New Start, and introducing Flashback 365!

It's been several months since I've done any blogging, which is a shame. So I decided that I wanted to start blogging again, and I further decided that I wanted that restart to arbitrarily coincide with the start of the new year. I'm calling this concept a Fresh Annum Pledge. Who knows; maybe the idea will catch on!

I'd like to keep that "fresh and original" momentum going, so I came up with the idea of starting the new year by taking a look back at the old year. I'm calling this other new thing that I completely made up just now: "Flashback 365!" Maybe it will catch on too!