20 July 2017

Fear of Commitment

It's been really hard to commit to any sort of regular update schedule because honestly I'm not sure I could keep up with such a commitment. I have very little free time these days, and it never seems like there is enough time for work and family obligations, let alone leisure activities like reading, gaming, and blogging.

Incidentally this has also been a big stumbling block when it comes to running a game, because I'm just not sure I would be able to dedicate the time and energy to keeping a game going. However, I
have been dancing around the idea of taking a stab at running something with Fate, something heavy on the improve and light on the planning. The next few weeks are busy with birthdays, vacations, and other commitments, but hopefully after that I'll get something sorted out when it comes to a Fate game.

I've been toying with this idea that I suppose you would call "Sword and Planet," because it involves magical lasers. I feel like it might be hard for me to get that idea off the ground though because I think I'm the only person I know who is interested in it. Barring that I also have a friend who has a couple of kids that seem like good candidates to introduce to roleplaying, and if I can sell the three of them on trying such a thing I might run a Fate game for them. If I did I'm thinking it would probably be some sort of superhero game, or perhaps even something like Star Wars. Whatever they are in to, really. All I know for sure is that I wouldn't try and sell them on this 'fantasy but with lasers' thing that I've been preoccupied with.

Yet another option I have is running the Dresden Files game, but I'm not very keen on that option at the moment for several reasons. One is that I've only just recently read the first Dresden Files novel, and the only reason I did that was because a friend of mine read a different Dresden Files novel and got excited enough about running a Dresden Files game himself that he bought all the books for it. "Great!" I thought, I would love to play in a Fate game; I'll even go borrow a Dresden book from the library so I'll know a little bit about the setting. Then a couple of weeks later this friend said to me: "Hey, since you've already got the Fate Core book maybe you could just run a Dresden game!" This seems like a bad idea to me, mainly because I don't think my Dresden game, based off of the one book I've read, will live up to his expectations for a Dresden game that are based off of the one book he read. Especially since he read that book and then went and dropped over $100 on roleplaying stuff.

Another reason goes back to those commitment issues. There are two decent sized rule books involved with the Dresden game that my friend is probably reading right now - two decent sized books that I quite honestly don't want to devote time to reading. I want to make up the game world as I go along, but I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't want to play a game that's loosely inspired by the Dresden Files world, and I don't want to run a game that would be anything more than that at this point.

Who knows what the future holds though. I had them order the second Dresden novel for me at the library today, and maybe after I read a few more of the books I'll have a change of heart. Maybe if I read enough of the novels I'll feel like I want to run a Dresden game, and maybe I'll even feel like I can do that without having to read the "Our World" game book. Or maybe my friend will quit being a punk and run the damn game he said he was going to run in the first place! Whatever happens I'll write about it here.

Speaking of "here," I'm also going to make an effort to get back to regular blog updates, and I am shooting for somewhere in the neighborhood of at least four updates a month. We'll see how things go.

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