26 June 2017

A Couple of Simple Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character Sheets

Last Night I was playing some Dungeons & Dragons, as one does, and I posted a picture of my character sheet on Twitter. A bit later someone asked me about the character sheet that I was using, which just so happened to be a character sheet of my own devising. I rummaged around and found the link to the character sheet on my now defunct WordPress blog, and you can go there and read the post I made about the character sheet and why I designed it if you like. For convenience, and for the sake of completeness, I've linked to a copy of that character sheet here after the break, in addition to the new character sheet I created today.
The character sheet I was using last night is actually an older version of what I am linking to here as my "original" 5e character sheet. The one I used is still servicable, but the updated version available here is a bit nicer, as it adds some more room in places that it was needed and just in general makes better use of the space. I like it because it has a classic feel to it and things are where I expect them to be because I put them there.

But as I was looking at that sheet as I played last night I started thinking about other ways I could perhaps make better use of the space on the character sheet. I was thinking about how the area for weapons felt cramped, and how even more space for Race and Class features would be nice. To that end I set out to modify my character sheet yet again this morning, this time opting to do away for the separate "Skills" section reminiscent of 3rd edition character sheets and instead incorporate the skills into the section of the sheet containing the ability scores. Since everyone has access to every skill these days and those skills use the same modifier as their relevant ability score, it makes sense to group them with that score and provide an easy way to denote proficiency rather than give them their own separate table on the character sheet. That was my design philosophy anyway, and I have to say that overall I'm pleased with the way the new design looks. If you fancy character sheets that any fool with a few hours and the ability to add tables to a Word document could make then perhaps you will like them as well. Anyway, here are the links to both versions of my character sheet. If you like them, hate them, use them, or have suggestions for me let me know!

Original D&D 5e Character Sheet

Alternate D&D 5e Character Sheet

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